Comparison Chart OF FRP VS Other Materials

Life SpanLowModerateHigh
Strength/Weight RatioVery LowModerateVery High

CostLowModerateComparable to CI

Scrap Value
LowHighNil (Zero Scrap Value)

Colour RangeConcrete GreyBlackRange Available

FinishingNot ApplicableRoughGranite Finish

Logo EmbossingNot ApplicableNot Available

Custom DesignNot ApplicableNot Available

Locking SystemNoneNoneAvailable(SS-Wire Rope)

HandlingVery DifficultDifficultEasy
Thermal ExpansionSlightHighNegligible

Corrosion ResistanceLowMediumHigh
Abrasion ResistanceNoneNoneYes
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