Water Tank Cover

FRP Composite  Underground Water Tank Covers by Vikrant has mastery in manufacturing these covers. They are better than CI or DI covers and lightweight. With more than 500 kg to 90 Tons of load-bearing capacity, it is strong and immune to algae and rusting. It is available in different colours and sizes and can also have a custom logo embossed as per your requirement.

Protect your storage tank from harmful elements with these durable water tank cover covers. They are designed to protect your water tank from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other weather conditions.

Features of Water Tank Cover:

• Durable material
• Easy to install
• Protects against wind, rain, snow, ice, etc.

Benefits of Using Water Tank Cover

• Prevents rusting
• Protects against UV rays
• Can be used year-round

OH Dia 600mm (Dia 24")500 KG
OH 600mm x 600mm
(24" x 24")
500 KG
OH 750mm x 750mm
(30" x 30")
500 KG
UG Dia 600mm (24" x 24")
(Only double seal)
UG Dia 600mm (24") (Air &
Water Tight with EPDM Ring
& Nut Bolt Arrangement)
UG 600mm x 600mm (24" x
24") (180 Degree opening with
Hinge & Locking arrangement)


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