FRP Circular Manhole Cover

FRP Circular Manhole covers are generally used on carriageways. They are actually sewer covers with supreme load capacity and can withstand heavy vehicles. They come with minimum maintenance and are available in various sizes and colours. They are corrosive-resistant, crack-resistant and crumble-resistant with Zero Scrap Value.

FRP circular manhole cover is designed to protect the road surface from damage caused by vehicle wheels. This product has been developed to provide an effective solution to the problem of damaged roads caused by traffic accidents.

Features of FRP Circular Manhole Covers:

• Suitable for both motorways and urban roads
• Easy installation
• Long service life

Benefits of FRP Circular Manhole Covers:

• Protects the road surface from damage
• Prevents water seepage
• Resistant to corrosion
• Can withstand heavy loads

Circular Manhole Cover Sizes

Size (MM)
Dia 530
Dia 560
Dia 600
Dia 900


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